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Le Rwanda salue la déportation de Mugesera PDF Imprimer Envoyer
Francais - NEWS

Republic of Rwanda

National Public Prosecution Authority

Rwanda Welcomes Mugesera Deportation

Kigali, 24 January 2012---The Government of Rwanda has welcomed the deportation of Leon Mugesera from Canada more than 16 years after Rwanda issued a warrant for his arrest on suspicion of inciting genocide through a now infamous speech made in 1992.

“It has been a rocky, long and circuitous road, but Canada has made the right decision in the case of Leon Mugesera. Mugesera returns to find a country at peace, far removed from the vision of ethnic hatred and bloodshed he propagated before seeking exile in Canada two decades ago.” Prosecutor General Martin Ngoga said after the flight carrying Mugesera touched down in Kigali on Tuesday night. On arrival at Kigali International Airport, Mugesera was served with a warrant of arrest, and will be held for processing of charges by Rwanda National Police for a maximum of 72 hours, after which his file will be forwarded to the National Public Prosecuting Authority. Mugesera will appear before a court within seven days, where readiness by both parties to commence substantive trial will be assessed.

“Mugesera’s deportation is a relief for genocide survivors and millions of Rwandans who have worked tirelessly since the genocide to rebuild a nation governed by the rule of law with an abiding commitment to reconciliation and justice without vengeance. Like anyone else facing trial in a Rwandan court, Leon Mugesera will be assisted by lawyers of his choice at every stage and can expect to benefit from the great strides we have made in building a fair and robust system of justice.” Mr Ngoga said.

Rwanda abolished the death penalty in 2007 and has strong collaboration with the United Nations across a range of justice and human rights issues. The UN has entrusted Rwanda to house war criminals from Sierra Leone and the UNHCR’s has declared the country safe for returning refugees. The first genocide suspect will face trial in Rwanda after a referral from the ICTR, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled in favour of the fairness of the Rwandan justice system and that the United States has already deported two Rwandans convicted of genocide who are currently serving their prison sentences.